Mother's Day Flowers @ Larchmont Farmer's Market

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Grower's choice mix of the best spring has to offer! Expect a combination of mixed ranunculus bunches, poppies, tulips, and anemones.

Choose between a bundle of single-variety flower bunches, or, for a Mother's Day gift, a mixed flower bunch, where we can mix all of the flowers together into a bouquet for you.

For the single-variety bundles, you may not receive *all* of the items in your bundle, but you will receive a $40 value. For example, you may receive:

- 2 ranunculus bunches, 1 poppy bunch

- 1 ranunculus bunch, 1 anemone bunch, 1 poppy bunch

- 1 ranunculus bunch, 1 tulip bunch, 1 anemone bunch

or any other permutation. All combinations will include ranunculus.